Rants & Raves By Calvin Stevie

3 Tips For A Fast And Effective Habit Disposal


“Bad habits define your personality”

Habits good or not are always connected to our personality. There are habits that are harmless which wouldn’t hurt your health and lifestyle. But those habits that are hard to stop are those destructive and risky ones which will put you into so much trouble later on in life. Bad habits can be changed no matter how hard it may seem. Whether it is to quit smoking, stop overspending, or being buried in credit card debts, it can be stopped. As Aristotle had once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.”


“Withdrawal symptoms and effects”

1. Abstinence. Some habit does not need courtship for you to stop it totally. Abstinence is the only approach for habits that threatens your physical well-being such as smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse. The slow process of breaking these kinds of habits is most of the time unsuccessfully. To break it is to completely stop it. It may be harsh for you and tough but remember how bad it might get if you still continue it since that habit had been with years and years already. You might experience withdrawal symptoms so consultation with your doctor is very important.


“Replace the bad habits with good ones”

2. Replace it with good habits. When you suddenly stop with a habit, there’s a nagging feeling within you that your body is lacking something otherwise empty. For instance, if you have a habit of going shopping every weekend, replace it with something healthier like going to the gym on weekends. Otherwise if you don’t do something on weekends you will go back to your old habit unknowingly. Just don’t leave the space empty. You need to get busy every time so that you will not keep on thinking about what you have given up.
3. Make it simple. A simple rule is easier to follow than the complex ones. It is already hard to break a habit what more to follow the rules on how to break it. Make it simple but just be consistent. For example, if you have a habit of sleeping after eating, your rule must not be to go for a walk after your meal. Consider what will happen if it rains. Instead, try having a rule that is generalized like, do household chores after breakfast, or do grocery after lunch, or so. This way your rule wouldn’t become a headache afterwards.

Quitting is a continuous effort. You simply don’t quit onto something. You need motivation and self-control to make it successful. Bring out all the positive outcomes in your life if you stop those bad habits. Don’t take it negatively. Make your ‘quitting’ on a lighter side and have fun with it. Quitting a habit means you’re free to do of something and most likely you freed up some cash that went along with it. It’s better that you trade your habit with a good one. It is one way to release stress. Most importantly, ditch a habit that you really want to lose.

3 Tips On Repairing Your Bad Credit


“Is Bad Credit Holding you back?”

Having a bad credit can be one of the most difficult situations to be in. There are so many things that you can’t do when you have a bad credit. You can’t apply for a credit card when you have a bad credit. You can’t even apply for any loan. When you can’t apply for a loan, you’ll not be able to purchase the dream house for you and your family or the car that you have been longing to drive. It is important therefore to repair your bad credit so that you can buy many things again. So that you won’t have a hard time, here are 3 tips that you can follow so that you can repair your bad credit.

Evaluate your financial situation


“Evaluate your credit balance and debts”

There are many ways to evaluate your financial situation. You can do this on your own or you can consult a debt counselor. You just need to list down all your income as well as all your expenses. From there you can determine if your income is still enough to pay for your needs and your debt. You can also try to get in touch with a debt counselor. They will usually assess your finances and require you to get a credit history. This will help them determine the real cause why you are in debt and once they know it, they can give you advice on what to do next.

Pay your monthly dues on time

– Once you know your financial status, you’ll know what to do next. You can prioritize your expenses according to their needs and their importance. List your expensesaccording to their priority. Expenses that are not that important should no longer be continued. Once you do this, you need to use the money that you have saved to pay your debts. This is the same if you have consulted a debt counselor. They will usually give you advice on what to do and most of the time they will ask you to be disciplined in paying your debts.

Avoid making new debts

– You already have made your budget and have regularly paid your monthly dues. However, you might be tempted to make new debts again. Remember that you are still in the process of paying for your past debts. Making new ones would definitely not help! If you really want to become debt free, pay your past and current bills instead of making new ones. You can make new debts once you have paid the past ones and also when you already have improved your bad credit.

Improving one’s bad credit is not that hard after all. It just needs commitment from the person who has debt and the discipline to pay the monthly dues consistently an on time. If you are one of the many who don’t want to get rid of their debts and don’t know where to start, you can start by reading the tips listed above. You can now get the house that you want and the dream car that you have been looking at after you improve your bad credit.

Arguments: Avoiding it Especially at Work

Not all arguments are bad. Some arguments are, in fact, wise and healthy bringing up issues that need to be cleared out in a manner that is not belittling or hurting. Looking at the good side of an argument, no matter how badly it sometimes turns out one still learns a great deal from it.


“Avoid this type of situation”

The better argument is a healthy sharing and exchange of thoughts and opinions; both persons involved in this kind of argument are open to learn something new about the other – winning the argument is seldom the objective. Even friends argue, ending up to become even better friends later on. In a bad argument, pride matters; expect to be insulted and mocked. Some people get into it for the sake of power play; they thrive on seeing others get hurt by their words or actions. People who like to get into bad arguments are undeniably insecure of themselves. You see a lot of these kinds of people at work.
There may be people at work making your life a bit miserable because they seem to always want to pick up a fight or start an argument. These people are difficult to deal with; even affecting your work. The best thing to do is simply avoid getting into an argument with them. Here are a few tips:

1 – Learn to ignore.


“Ignoring the argument”

Your best defense is not always a good defense, but simply ignoring this person who loves to argue all the time. Paying attention to his or her power play will only ignite their feelings. When you show that you’re not interested in whatever they have to say, they won’t have any other reason to continue being arrogant.

2 – See what they are coming from.

Could it be that this person is bearing a personal problem that sometimes even a lame remark is enough to cause him or her rage? We all know how sensitive we could get at times when there is an unresolved personal problem haunting us. If you see this as so, try to be extra understanding and offer your time and self as a brief sounding board. You never know just how much you’ll friend at work will appreciate this.

3 – Set a good example.

Some people you work with will approach you and provoke you to start an argument especially when a bad thing was said against you. Stay grounded and just keep your calm. If you know it to yourself that what is said against you is not true, then you have no reason to be affected in the very least. Letting other people know that no amount of backbiting will falter you is actually setting a good example to them.